“If You Only Knew the Power of the Dark Side” (of Matter)

The concept of dark matter plays a significant role in the novel, (although you could probably tell that from the title of my book).  For the sake of fiction, I interpreted dark matter as the particles that give the Arcana their abilities.  I got the idea from an article in Scientific American that said that dark matter could potentially allows us to harness warp speed.  And with that, the Arcana’s abilities to lapse, (move from one part of space to another using worm holes), was born.  *Cue evil genius laugh* Yes, I do laugh often and maniacally.

In reality, we know very little about what dark matter is.  Here’s what we do know:

  • It’s a type of particle
  • It’s invisible (it doesn’t emit or scatter light like the matter that makes up our world)
  • 80% of the matter in the universe is dark matter
  • We can detect the gravitational effects it has within galaxies, so we do know that it exists (those crazy scientists aren’t making it up)

If you’re looking for an interesting take on it, here’s a 2 minute video of theoretical physicist Michio Kaku talking about dark matter and parallel universes:


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