The Dark Matter Chronicles: Dark Rising

The ancient and powerful Arcana have fallen.

The two hundred thousand years of knowledge they gathered from across the universe is lost. The rare artifacts of dead civilizations have been destroyed. Their ability to harness the powers of dark matter couldn’t save them. Many are dead. The rest are scattered. And Psi, the vengeful defector that brought them down, has begun his hunt for the remaining survivors.

When Alexander discovers he’s an Arcana, the hunt is already under way. His home is no longer safe, his guardian abandons him to the care of a stranger from another world, and he has no say in what happens to him. Not even when that stranger transports him into the heart of enemy territory to settle a personal score.

As he makes his way through an alien planet, Alexander must learn to survive by wielding his new-found dark matter abilities. But those will only get him so far. They won’t protect him against Psi’s vendetta. They won’t help him get back home. And they won’t save him from the shadow that chased him across the universe—the one waiting patiently for the right moment to strike.


3 comments on “The Dark Matter Chronicles: Dark Rising

  1. I would really love to buy a copy of your book but I’m afraid i cant find it anywhere! I’ve tried all the usual websites: barnes and noble, amazon, alibris. Could you let me know where I could obtain a copy?

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