Imagining Aliens

A fun aspect of writing sci-fi/fantasy is that you get imagine what other worlds and alien species might look like.  Most of my main characters (James, Evra, and Psi) are not from Earth but are humanoid. I decided to give them features that are similar to humans because I think there’s a strong case to be made for Convergent Evolution.

In book 2, I’m going to present other species that will be very different There’s one animal in particular I’m excited to write about and I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before. That’s all I’m going to say about it for now…oh and that it will be mind-bendingly awesome. Yes, mind-bendingly is a word…now. My grand-wizard/writer powers make it so.

If want to check-out something interesting about aliens between now and when The Dark Matter Chronicles comes out, I suggest watching the Discovery Channel’s Alien Planet documentary. Here’s a link to the site for more info:

So, if you could design your own alien, what would it look like? Leave your response in the comment section or on twitter @MXKremzen.