Dark Matter Cont’d: It’s Stranger Than Fiction

Remember that weird particle I told you guys about last week: the one that nobody can directly see or find, but still manages to keep entire galaxies together?  The one called dark matter?  There was a new discovery made about it.  It turns out that the stuff might stick together in clumps instead of just passing through each other like we thought it did.

It might not seem like that big of a deal but it has a lot consequences and could change our understanding of the universe. Big discoveries often lead to things that have a significant impact on our daily lives down the road.  It was the work of physicists that gave us MRI machines, cellphones, and the world wide web.  All those inventions were discovered by accident.

For writers, new discoveries open up new fictional realms. When I learn more through science about our world, I realize that reality is actually far stranger than anything fiction can come up with, and that means the possibilities of thousands of undiscovered stories.

Here’s an article on the new dark matter discovery:


Now I’m going to go check if I can somehow use this info in the upcoming books, although I’m secretly hoping I won’t end up making too many changes to the outlines.