Are We One Step Closer to A.I.?

This video has been circulating the interwebs for a couple of weeks now and is really catching people’s attention now though it was posted over a year ago. A brilliant team at Aldebaran Robotics has created a sophisticated set of robots that can be programmed to perform various tasks, including dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

They do a a pretty good job, don’t you think? Their movements are surprisingly fluid. These robots can’t think for themselves or act of their own will, (if they could, we’d have viable replacements for pop stars), but they do seem to be a physical improvement on Honda’s Asimo.  And, while we tend to focus on  intelligence when we think of computers/robots in science fiction and how they might overtake us, there’s something to be said about whether or not they have the physical ability to do so. The simple of act of walking and being able to move around with ease does give us an advantage.

So until we reach the point where cylons– the human-like A.I. from Battlestar Galactica— rule over us, I say we embrace the technology. I personally would like a Nao robot, (the ones in the video above), as a pet. That way when do they take over, I’m on good terms with at least one of them.



Sorry about the hiatus, things got a little hectic!  I’ve got a new post on something that I hope you’ll find just as interesting as I did 🙂

Nanotechnology (sometimes shortened to “nanotech“) is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale, (what would I do without you, Wikipedia).

In The Dark Matter Chronicles, the Arcana use it develop their gadgets, (e.g. a decrypter is made of nanobots that attach to the neurons in your brain and give you access a universal database of languages).  The objects in my novel are obviously fictional but because nanotech involves manipulating matter at its basic level, I don’t think they’re far-fetched.

What inspired to me include nanotech in my story is a video I came across several years ago.  It’s about a conceptual cellphone by Nokia called the Morph.  I remember seeing it long before I started writing the book but it made quite the impression and has stuck with me ever since.

Here’s a short video for the nanotech Morph:

There’s a longer version on You Tube as well if you’re interested in seeing more.

I don’t know about you, but I get incredibly excited when I see things like this.  It opens up so many possibilities for the future and what we’ll be able to do.  The really astonishing thing is that this is only one piece of the puzzle.  Scientists and engineers the world over are working on things that hardly seem possible (yay for 3-D printers!) but will be within our grasp very soon.  And I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this stuff.  *C’mon jet-packs…*